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Originally Posted by fuseburn View Post
I think notation is a job for notation software. Let Finale or Sibelius do the job. I've never seen a good scoring editor within a DAW, the Cubase one being the worst. I was sincerely pissed to have invested money on that...
I'm afraid I have to respectfully disagree with that too. I always found notation incredibly useful when I used to use Logic (I agree Cubase's notation was never as good though). IMHO it's a highly appropriate and useful feature to have available inside a DAW. I really don't want to have to open another program and mess about with rewiring, exporting or whatever, when I just want to do some quick editing or print out/view an instrumental part with notation.

I already use Sibelius and it's unbeatable for certain things but I'd also REALLY appreciate having a notation editor inside reaper for reasons I've mentioned before but which I will reiterate here for convenience:

Sibelius is, of course, great for producing publication quality scores and parts. However, a great MIDI sequencer it is not (especially if you want to get at the "nuts and bolts" of MIDI data), and that's fair enough, as it's designed to be used by musicians who don't necessarily want or need to be able to do that.

When I'm working in Reaper, I'd like to be able to quickly switch back and forth between notation edit (which would give me a more harmonic view), piano roll (which gives me more precision over note lengths/velocity info etc.) and event editor (which is good for editing multiple MIDI events of the same type together via the MIDI filter). I also frequently use MIDI and audio together. I would REALLY prefer not to have to mess about rewiring programs together every time I just want to quickly flick open and use a notation editor inside my DAW.

From my perspective, the whole point of having notation available within Reaper itself would be to be able to have the flexibilty mentioned above and to directly print (or just read on-screen) acceptable instrumental/vocal parts etc. WITHOUT having to leave Reaper (or switch/link together multiple programs).
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