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hmm. off-topic... but, i wonder what would be required to get a pattern sequencer up and running, from the cockos side?

it'd probably have to operate on MIDI data, there's probably no way around that. we'd need a way to tag a MIDI block as needing to be opened by a particular editor. we'd need to be able to send realtime MIDI data (for note entry/playback previewing), and ideally start/stop playback and move playback. we'd need to receive current play data (to show a cursor updating on the screen), and tempo/time sig data probably. and it'd need to live in a 'real' looking reaper window. we'd need to be able to mark changes to a MIDI item that is otherwise managed by reaper.

that'd probably be it.

could do all sorts of sweet sequencer stuff like that. 808 style drum pattern editors, pattern editors, notation...
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