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Originally Posted by d. gauss View Post
i have no idea about "most people," but for ME, if you can show me in reaper how to have a mixer view like "propellerhead's record," i'm all ears. i.e. a built-in eq, NOT a template. as long as it is hide-able/optional/etc. for those who don't prefer it (and i know there are many), there's no reason to be against it if it can be hidden/defeated, it just happens to be the way i work the fastest.

* make a new track
* click fx to open fx window. right click in blank fx pane. select 'add fx chain'
* add the attached fx chain in the zip file in this post
* right-click there again, and select 'save chain as default for new tracks'


* right click on the master track 'master' label.
* select 'show FX paramters when size permits'
* UNTICK 'show fx inserts when size permits' and 'show sends when size permits'
* stretch the mixer window up a bit so it's big enough to show the sends

that's it - every new track should show those controls

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