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Originally Posted by Xasman View Post
I'm sensing that some people here seem to be prepared to go to considerable lengths in order to find reasons NOT to be asking for a notation editor from Cockos as a FR, and I don't really understand why.
Quite on the contrary. I'm simply attempting to be realistic, though to what degree I can actually tell you what chances notation has of being included I cannot say for certain. Previous hints by Cockos and the quality of other DAWs implemenations are the only facts I have to go on.

Surely such questions as exactly how difficult it would be to add notation and whether it should be implemented natively or via extensions (or at all) are issues for the Cockos developers themselves to decide upon, and not for us to pre-empt (unless I've misunderstood something and some of you have inside information to which the rest of us are not privvy)?

Rather than continue to proffer reasons to avoid asking for a notation editor, why can't we just add notation to the list and leave it up to the devs to decide for themselves if, whether, when and how to implement it?
The way this works is that somebody posts a well worded and thought out feature request in the issue tracker.

There are quite a few discussions in the feature request forum where ideas are proposed and discussed before they are refined in to the entries for the issue tracker. The most recent one appears to be this :

I couldn't find a feature request in the issue tracker for a notations view. Perhaps if you nailed down the essential features, discussed these with your fellow users who require notation view, and then post it in the issue tracker, it would indeed be a proposal Cockos would even know exists. The issue tracker is pretty much the place where they look for FRs.

Hold the phone, there is one basic request for a notation kind of view. Staff view on top of the piano roll , posted almost a year ago.
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