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In fact I don't "want" anything dedicated. But of course it does make sense to take a look at plugins dedicated for such purpose.

The intention here is more "scientific", trying to find out more about psycho-acoustic effects that mostly are (rather pointlessly) discussed in a kind of "esoteric" language, but - as obviously the signal is somehow different from what a perfect implementation of the original intent (e.g. EQing or compression) - are triggered by some kind of signal handling "algorithm" (implemented in software or hardware).

Just stating a "little bit of inaccuracies" does not help, as this might describe the signal is different on Tuesdays than it is on Mondays, which obviously is not what anybody would prefer.

In fact this friendly discussion here already triggered a thought that did not occur to me up till now, regarding the (for me especially hard to sort out) "quality" of different compressor software and hardware devices:

The ear contains a mechanical compressor. There is a muscle that modifies the energy transmission ratio in the construct of these tiny bones. As always, biological sensors are very imperfect but the imperfection is balanced out by appropriate "calculation" in the brain.

Hence it seems likely that a compressor that works kind of similar to what that ear-mechanics do, might sounds more "natural" than a straight forward "perfect" algorithm.

This said, in this case, simply applying some dedicated "imperfection" to the signal itself does not seem very helpful, but it might be viable to take the current compression ratio into account, e.g. by modify the difference between the original and the compressed signal and subtract this from the original to get the result.

This is what I meant by using such a tool box together with other plugins.

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