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What are you using for decoding and what Ambisonic order are you using?

Pretty much all my Ambisonic mixes are third order and I'm using Blue Ripple Sound for the majority of my needs as well as some of the very good encoding and upmixing tools in the IEM Plugin Suite. The IEM plugins are free and can work right up to seventh order. There's a stereo encoder and a multi encoder included in the suite.
The Blue Ripple Core plugins are free and include a stereo upmixer (encoder) which is also very good and works in third order.

For front/back stereo pairs, I'd use two stereo upmixers (encoders) and feed the front pair to the left and right front at 45 degrees either side of the front center position. Do the same for the back stereo pair at 45 degrees left and right of the back center position. This is assuming a square mic setup. Adjust the angles to match if your mics are in a rectangle.

There's a sticky in this section of the forum with links to various Ambisonic resources and the Blue Ripple Sound and IEM plugins are listed there.

Here's a direct link to the IEM plugin descriptions....

And here's a link to the sticky with other links.....
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