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Default Jsfx programming on mac(Need Help)

Hello reapers!! This is my first post... be polite
I am a noob at this so be prepared
Latley i found some interst in coding my own effects/instruments for reaper... i tried some tutorials over the net.... but found only some for windows... in those they where using the notepad++.. i tired to use that with wine but i didnt got the result i wanted so i switched to sublime text... it is a text editor and i choose the js(java script i think) in the user section(i dont know how it got into the user section )... i started to code in that language.. i saved the instrument but reaper cannot find the jsfx-inc file... i put the file into the user plugin folder and did the rescan.. didnt find it...
which format do i have to use that reaper recognises the instrument?
it is still not finished but i think it should read it..
where can i learn more about coding instruments/effects for reaper?
(refering to other sources not like on reaperfm)
are there any books/pdf/videos where i can learn more about coding instruments/effects for reaper?
which format i should use to code? python or js? (i have seen i have both and an reaper fm it is written that eel is to do the audio/midi work)
is there any documentation for python on the net refering to reaper?
sorry if i have to ask so much... those are my first struggels i hope you can help me..
i have experience with pure data (dsp) and i want to expand my knowlegde in coding and to use my synths in reaper without using jack to connect reaper with virtual cabels to pure data and the installed midi driver to send midi data from reaper to pure data..
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