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I agree, doesn't sound awful in mono to me. Sounds pretty much like one would expect it to sound like.

It's worth pointing out that the chorus/flange you're hearing too much of for your taste is a totally normal by-product of doubled guitars that aren't panned out of each others' space. ("It's not a bug, it's a feature!!!") Changing guitars made it much less than it would have been by laying the second part down with the same everything. But that subtle modulating is something people often go for when doubling parts. Two different strats may be what's close enough to give you some. Try with two more different guitars and you'll get less of it. But it's kind of the nature of two strings struck on the same fret at the same time. They're going to interact. If you don't have another guitar available and want to have less of the doubled notes interacting in a chorusy way you can try not playing it at the same place on the neck with both, so the inversions will be different. As in, if it was a band rehearsal with two guitars you might say "Don't play those chords there because that's where I'm playing them. Play them up the neck."
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