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Default MIDI Editor - sensing mouse even when window is not active

MacOS 12.3.1
Reaper 6.63

***As expected:
I double-click a midi-item in Reaper, so that midi-editor opens.
When I hover the mouse over the note area, the midi-keyboard on the left of the window indicates with a highlighted color the corresponding keyboard key => note, where my mouse is at.

**Not expected:
I switch into an another application, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, ... so that this new application window happens to overlap with reaper and the midi editor window a bit.
When I work in this new application (like in Chrome right now when writing this) and move the mouse cursor, Reaper in the background still senses the mouse movement and changes the keyboard key highlights in a way I move the mouse - although it should not do that when being in the background as an inactive application.
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