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Originally Posted by Joe90 View Post
A proper 'split on click' modifier for the midi editor. I have a modifier set to alt-click in the midi editor for splitting notes - I've tried any number of custom action combinations and I'm unable to make it cut the SELECTED notes, it seems to reset the selection on click, so I can either have it cut only the note I click on regardless of selection, or ALL the notes that cross the mouse cursor point horizontally. See this thread for more info if curious -
The native action "Edit: Split notes" should do the trick: As far as I can tell, if it is assigned to a mouse modifier, it automatically moves the edit cursor to the mouse and then only splits selected notes, so you can link it to Alt+click in the MIDI Note or MIDI Piano Roll contexts.

Originally Posted by Joe90 View Post
- If this can't be scripted directly, then another way to solve this would be if I could 'arm' a midi toolbar button via a keyboard shortcut from the midi editor, as I've managed to create a toolbar action that does exactly what I've described,
You probably won't need this for splitting, but in case you ever need to arm a MIDI editor toolbar in the future, simply use the single-line script "reaper.ArmCommand(XXX, "MIDI Editor")", where XXX is the action ID.

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