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As I'm just starting to prepare a live performance* with Reaper, I came across similar questions and requirements, and already stumbled over some issues:

1) if Reaper is NOT running, switching the regions back and forth works flawlessly. As soon as it plays, it won't react anymore.
Note: I used the "native" Midi control path as well as ReaLearn (sooo good!). Should I use ReaLearn exclusively?

2) when I start playing a loop/time selection (region) from the first bar, the first Midi note won't play. Neither does the 2-bar count-in click when I set the the start marker right on the grid (or even a millisecond on top of it). Which setting is causing that? "Allow live FX multiprocessing"? Media buffer size? ("Tiny fade-in on playback start" is switched off of course)

But anyways, it's great fun coming up with all the actions and customizations that in the end will make this live set work as it should.

* loops, fixed arranged parts (I toggle the "transport repeat" via action markers), VSTi's, hardware synths, 2 guitars, drums, vocals: all of them with FX and automation. Insane )
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