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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
There is the lang pack merge tool which will add and mark the new entries, but maybe it's not obvious enough how to use it...
Yes, I know and I've used it, but as I mentioned, some strings simply won't work in new versions anymore that have done in older ones, but most do and I haven't found a reason for that. Sorry, I can't give you explicit examples right now and I still haven't found a pattern in which cases it works and in which it doesn't yet.

I also had cases, where strings were marked as 'possibly obsolete' that actually weren't obsolete at all and did work properly when deleting the preceding semicolon.

In other cases again, I had to change strings in the [common] section and they work, where as they didn't in their explicit section. But then it would be necessary to check, whether and if at all the string appears in other sections properly.
It's quite a hassle sometimes.

As I said, ever since this localization topic is running, we are faced with strings that are translated (and work) with earlier versions, but sometimes won't with newer ones and we have to check every menu, rolldown menu, dialog, action string and whatnot, whether things are as they were before.

Sometimes it even happens, that translated strings in the langpack file won't show translated and when using the online tool it gives the same hashcode, already present in the langpack file, so no way of showing translation. In other cases for some reason another hashcode comes up when using the tool and it suddenly works.

I know, that there has to be taken good care of copying the string into the tool properly, but in some cases I'm standing there quite baffled and, no matter what I try, I won't get the desired result.

If I had an idea of a reliable way to do it, i'd be more pleased.
Also, as I mentioned before, it would be nice to be able to align things.

Anyway: I'm confident we get all this working at some point and then we just have to take care of new or changed strings.

Sorry for appearing a bit confused, but it's late (i.e. very early) here in good ol' Germany and maybe I had one or four beer too much.

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