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Nothing to do with SWS, but as it comes up here and Jeffos is with Cockos I think it's ok to take the opportunity here:

(about the knob in send settings looking like a MIDI 5-pin connector)
Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
I don't think it's a good idea to publish this setting in sws or natively: unless it's really mastered, this setting can be problematic too (can lead to what looks like "CC events spamming", see, that's why it has been disabled by default in R 5.0 too...).
Re "unless it's really mastered"
As much as i try to understand this setting, I don't get it. Neither what it's for, nor what it actually does and the implications. And frankly I doubt any user does. Could a dev in the know please take some time and explain it in depht (not here, maybe in a dedicated thread about "Link track volume/pan and sends to MIDI", but at least to Nicholas, so it can be explained in the manual)? And, please, give it a name, so we don't have to adress it as "that weird MIDI knob in the sends".
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