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On the bright side:
All the VSTs worked perfectly when I had Win10 working and did not have to be rescanned with either of the DAWs on this machine.

Roll back was much quicker than the install, and currently seems like it hasn't had any drawbacks. If I later discover it did I can recover from the drive image.

Negative side:
Geforce graphics driver had major issues.
Creative X-Fi drivers also had major issues. Given the age of the existing driver I doubt Creative will ever update this, other than perhaps a begrudging kludge fix at best?

No working Roland drivers
No working Samsung Printer driver.

Visuals and sound drivers not working properly yet. Given that millions have been beta testing this for months & manufacturers had access to this the hardware support is shockingly poor. These are big name companies with extensive resources, this stuff should have worked better than this on day one.
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