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Thanks a lot for these.

I tried to find some tutorials on what I was trying to achieve the last couple of days - recording midi for a drum machine, first the beat (kick+snare) on track 1, then the hats on track 2, which is on another track below, and so on, committing new overdubs to new discrete tracks. Pretty basic stuff.

I found 2 pretty quickly. One was the one on midi (no.24) and the other in 'Midi Time' - Drum machine recording. Useful video.

It would be a really informative video for you to make (imho), if you could make one based around these two tutorials I mentioned, but include the ability to create new tracks and record to them as you go. It's not so simple at all. One has to change the monitoring options, the input options, all kinds of things to go beyond one physical track.

I'm talking about -

Track - 1: Kick and Snare (midi)
Track - 2: Hats (midi)
Track - 3: new stuff etc..

Here's a link to a thread where I describe it in more detail, if you are interested:

I've managed to make a template up to do what I want, but it took me about six hours to work it out. That is some kind of learning curve!

If you made just one video showing how to do this (I already know now), then it would cover several really fundamental bases all in one go, as I'm sure you would agree. It all makes sense when you figure it out, but working it out is a nightmare because there is nothing I could find that covered this in any tutorials or manual. I probably didn't look that hard, but still.

If it takes you six hours to figure out something like this, I would say it needs some kind of coverage somewhere, by someone. I've been using DAWs for decades and Reaper since v1, if that counts. Still, I don't pretend to be the sharpest tool in the box, so if someone can point out where I'm being an idiot, I'll happily admit to being an idiot.

Just a suggestion as I think your style is perfect (talking to Kenny here obviously) for this.

Anyway, excellent videos, well presented. Reaper is a program probably more than any other that could benefit from reading/watching some instructional material first off. The more the better! First to see what it is capable of. Secondly to show how to do it.

Thanks again.
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