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Originally Posted by jerome_oneil View Post
Yeah, perhaps this solves the Cortana problem. At least concerning your computer. You still can't opt out of being uploaded, stored and "used" by Microsoft from other people's computers. Which was the point of planetnine.

And then, Micosoft has other means of collecting data about you on Win10 besides Cortana. Now you can go ahead and dive into literally dozens of obscure menus and get all of that turned off. But that will not necessarily set Microsoft back for long, since it might by some weird error just reset some of those privacy settings to their [permissive] defaults:

To Microsoft's honor, it pulled the update once this behavior had been reported. Will this never happen again? Who knows. It has, so maybe it will.

Furthermore, since Win10 is a rolling release, new features will inevitably be added. And considering Microsoft's "telemetry" record, we will see more of this as we go.

So be vigilant. Or just relax and take the "blue pill" :-)
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