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Originally Posted by avocadomix View Post
Of course they do! You are correct. Now let's go back to the point: they say that they collect, store and use your data. Where do they say what they use it for in a legally binding way?
So you understand and agree it has to be there, thank you. You might check out the non-Cortana sections of the privacy policy on how information is used; that's closer to what you are going for and you'll find better wording and evidence to support your fears.

I've made my homework and brought you the fruit. You can refuse to consume it, but then don't ask for another one ;-)
Sorry, that's called making empty claims then expecting someone else do your work for you. I already did my work, now it's your turn to bring substance to the table. You are really, really late btw, this is all old as hell.
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