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Trouble is, the nice folks who selflessly dig into the low level code of the OS and incidentally ignore a lot of programming "no-no"s might be offering utilities that MS haven`t provided, but if the short cuts, hacks and back doors etc that they utilise break the stability of the actual OS, I for one can see perfectly well WHY MS would prefer to remove the offending code to a place of safety rather than risking it buggering up peoples computers.

I used to use a fair few of them myself, including cpu-z and the piriform stuff but dropped the lot because I WAS getting issues that seemed to be caused by them.
So far no problems with Sisoft Sandra, which appears to do a good job AND obey the OS rules.
Same goes for many of the free "service" utilites like iobit`s offerings & thus far CrapCleaner, which has always kept up with new OS releases.
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