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Thanks for answering, Justin !

There is a discussion I initiated in the OSCIIbot subforum.

For getting started I'd like do display part of the current mixer state.

So I need to "attach" to a mixer (XR18) via OSC via WIFI.

For this I of course need to provide the IP-Address and the port. I understand this is done in the EEL code. OK for now, but in the end I would like to read it from a config file. (I know that OSCIIbit can read files, and I suppose I'll be able to make use of the content.)

After that we need to send "subscribe"/"register" messages to the mixer in regular time intervals to have it send us any values of a set of parameters on the spot and/or at any time they are changed by other instances.

I understand this is an OSC standard method and supposedly also done when OSCIIbots connects to Reaper via OSC (wich AFAI understand is the way OSCIIbot is mostly used).

Unfortunately I failed to find any examples of such OSCIIbot ELL program code.

Thanks again,

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