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As mentioned in the thread Allow time signatures with partial measures when timebase=time:

Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
If the Timebase for tempo/time signature envelope is set to Time in Project Settings, the time signature dialog box greys out the option to "Allow a partial measure before this marker", and adds the message "(option disabled because project tempo envelope timebase is set to time)".

To insert such timesig markers, the user has to switch the timebase to Beats, insert the marker, and switch the timebase back to Time.

I do not see a reason why timesigs with partial measures should be restricted to Timebase = Beats. To the contrary, when I do tempo mapping, I am much more likely to be working in Timebase = Time.
In the new pre-releases, this help text ("option disabled because project tempo envelope timebase is set to time") has been removed from the Tempo/Timesig dialog box:

Previous versions (tempo envelope timebase = time):

v5.65 (tempo envelope timebase = time):

Preferably, the restriction on partial measures should be removed. However, if there is a technical reason why insertion of partial measures is not possible when timebase = time, the help text is useful to avoid user confusion.

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