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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
That is expected, some of them I can already remove (just remove as warning, since you confirm Sonar 5 can not work with mono synth outputs by design).

YES. It has to be... empty! I mean not default project as a project, but the line in Reaper preferences.

Otherwise you get...
As described in the installation instruction.

That is fixed in 5.71 (which is not released yet).

If you provide "something went completely wrong" example, I will try to fix that as well.
Going to empty for default project was it. Now a lot of my older Sonar projects will open, even though they throw out some errors or warnings.

The ones that were throwing out the "something went completely wrong" were from even older versions of Sonar. When I found one that would generate that message, the file date was from 2002. I opened it in Sonar 5, saved it under a different name, and then Reaper could open it.

Very cool having access to some of my really old projects without having to launch Sonar. Thanks for all your hard work on this conversion process!
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