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Crashes after converter in general can be produced by (sorted by likelihood):
1) crashes in plug-ins, there are 2 cases:
1.a) plug-in is in general unstable in REAPER. It is known that some old DX plug-ins (f.e. Sonitus compressor) are crash prone, from experience sometimes 32/64 bit dependent
1.b) I incorrectly convert plug-in preset and that course the crash (can be for any plug-in)
2) I incorrectly convert some general structure and that produce troubles in REAPER.

For 1 (a and b) please try to localize the plug-in(s).
If you can not get project loaded at all (it crashes once the conversion is finished, in 32 and 64 REAPER), install "portable" REAPER, without specifying VST pathes. Also in "Plug-ins, Rewire/DX" unset "Enable DX plug-ins".
In case REAPER still crash, that is (2). Send me original CWP (see later) and I will take care.

Once you can save converted RPP, you can start lengthy (sorry) procedure to identify the problem. By removing plug-ins from the project and loading in REAPER version which originally crash, till it stop crashing.

Once the plug-in is identified:
* if you can not instantiate the plug-in in REAPER at all, also in not converted project, that is (1.a) for sure.
* if in some REAPER plug-in works, but stably crash after conversion, that is probably (1.b)
* if plug-in loads in converted project, but with incorrect preset (may be crashing later), that can be (1.b)
* if plug-in loads in converted project, with correct preset, but crash later, that is probably 1.a

* for 1.a cases, you will need to avoid the plug-in in reaper. "Options/Show REAPER resource path...", edit (in text editor) reaper-dxplugins.ini and set "Load=0" for the plug-in (DX). Bad VSTs you can simply remote from REAPER VST path (also possible to disable in corresponding ini)
* for 1.b and 2, please upload the project in question, with observation and the link, in PM. Please upload CWP file only (no audio) to some "safe" place. Note that if you publish the link here in the forum, EVERYONE can download it (probably not what you want, till that is a test project). For all plug-ins I do not have (majority) I will ask you to create special projects, one in Sonar and one in REAPER, each with plug-in on one track with exactly the same preset selected. But many plug-ins have demo versions, so I will be able to do everything myself. So I will ask explicitly when that is required.
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