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@Lokasenna: Thanks for the hints. I might have some time to look at this tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
- Have you considered making this available via ReaPack? It makes updating the script way easier, since end-users can just click a button to do it, and it sidesteps issues a few people have found with some browsers and trying to download .lua files.
Might most likely be one of the next steps

I haven't had time to check the Reapack webpage and the Development Thread yet for info about this:
Or is there any info elsewhere about the necessary steps to do this? EDIT: found it

Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
What's the purpose of the OSX + setfont code? My GUI automatically does that anyway.
Interesting. I'll have to check this again (perhaps I didn't have the latest version of your GUI library installed on OSX??)
I added the setfont and GUI.Listbox:drawselection() code because I had an issue here on OSX where the y-position of the selection rectangle was off when selecting elements further down in the listbox.

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