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Default Mostly successful import

This is an amazing tool!

I just used it to import a medium-complicated project from what I believe was Sonar X1, and the import was mostly successful. Here's what worked:

1) All audio tracks imported correctly

2) Track structure (buses, sends/receives) imported correctly

2) Clip structure on all tracks (audio and MIDI) imported correctly

3) Volume envelopes, pan envelopes, and track volumes, imported correctly

4) Markers imported correctly

5) Audio plugins imported correctly... only three audio plugins were in use; two imported without issue, and the third was not installed, so I got a very clear error message.

As far as I can tell, the only thing that didn't work was:

1) VSTi's didn't seem to import at all, nor did I get errors about them. The MIDI tracks previously attached to VSTi's, after import, have sends directly to audio tracks. The VSTi's were pretty straightforward, specifically EZDrummer (two tracks) and NI B4 II (one track), with no complicated MIDI filters or other advanced Sonar MIDI features.

I did get a message saying "6 parser bugs", but I can't find a log file with more details, and I'm not sure whether that's related to the VSTi issue.

Any other information I can provide to help debug VSTi import? Happy to write code to help track the issue down.

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to a Sonar installation, but if it's helpful, I can install a Sonar free trial to better understand the original project structure.

I'm attaching the .cwp file in question.

Thanks! Amazing work!

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