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Can you put it on the ReaPack?
Yes, I was going to get a round or two of feedback then I'll put it on ReaPack.

- It would be really nice if we could double click the boxes at the bottom to reset the initials values
Yep, good one.

- Also tooltips after a few seconds on those boxes could be useful
You're right that would be nice.

- If I change M/S to L/R or viceversa the whole box disappears until you move the mouse
Do you mean the buttons disappear? That'll be because the mouse is outside of the main window after you've selected and I coded it so that when the mouse is outside, those features including filter handles disappear to leave a clear view of the filter bands and transfer lines. I agree though that it can feel a little unexpected so I'll have a think if there's anything to do about it.

- If I double the click the mouse in that lower part where the boxes are, bands are created and this shouldn't happen I guess
You're right, that's a bug!

- When I scale the interface up there is some weird stuff being displayed until you release the mouse button
I think this might well be a Reaper issue. They've improved this lately but you still get garbage on the right and bottom side momentarily when resizing.

- Is it possible to smoothen out the band lines?
On my Mac in retina mode I fudge smoothness by overdrawing lines with alpha adjustments and they look pretty good thanks to the pixel density. Outside of that I'm at the mercy of how Cockos handle larger displays/pixel densities inside JSFX. The technique I'd used for retina mode left the lines looking very thick in non-retina, so I had to downgrade them. I wish Cockos would round out their JSFX rendering functions with thickness options with anti-aliasing to avoid trying to fudge it.

Great feedback though thanks!
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