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Originally Posted by Paul99 View Post
I use the portable version and it is on my D harddrive with this path:
"D:\Program Files\mkvtoolnix\mkvmerge.exe"

So there is a "space" character between "Program" and "Files" but that is regular Windows like it is on the C drive.

Maybe the portable version of mkvmerge.exe does not work and it has to be installed?
No, its the space character. I'm fighting right now with a stupid response that doesn't make sense. CMD tells me the path isn't correct and shows the path only until the first space character. (That's of course wrong.) So in your case it would only take the "D:\Program" even if I put the whole path between "".

You could - only for testing as this needs to be fixed - move the mkvtoolnix folder on another place without spaces in between. I'm pretty sure it will run then.

Many thanks for hinting me that. This is a serious problem.
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