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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Yes, I knew that but in some cases converting to that format in every case can be done in the script. As a programmer, I've ran into this multiple times in the past, at least in those languages/platforms I was able to write a function to convert it for me.

If I weren't so busy I'd take a look and try to solve but sort of overloaded with things to accomplish right now. I also have not looked closely at any of what you are doing so I don't want to be too wrong. As far as passing as a variable it may be getting passed as literal string (fancy name for the quotes were assumed because it was a variable). By chaining tools/scripts like this, it is possible to run into some nearly impossible restriction.
Many thanks.

I want to learn and this is why I want to find a solution by myself. But it feels kind of stupid that Windows doesn't have a proper way to do such things. The internet is full of discussion about this. I mean, if you have a "program files" as default directory, why wont you allow white spaces for it? "" Would be enough but this doesn't work in any case.
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