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re: 22MTK

They do sell a version with only a 2ch interface. The multitrack version has "MTK" in the name.

16 mic pres. The rest are line in.

Very minimal eq and even more minimal dynamics (simple limiters available on the first few channels). The built-in fx are all but useless IMHO. If they would have put even minimal eq on those fx return channels it would have saved it but they didn't. (I consider eq on delay and verb mandatory. YMMV)
So... Light reinforcement in a small club is cool. You'd be bummed for an outdoor gig, for example, where you needed to make a full mix.

Don't throw it down the stairs! It wouldn't hold up like an old Peavy amp.

Price goes as low as $600

For the digital savvy though, the x32 rack for $300 more gets you actual mix capability (better eq, actual dynamics, and actual fx).

Seems to be a handful of options here nowadays for eyebrow raising low prices that didn't exist a couple years ago.

I wanted to try one of those B-word products for this small jazz club but...
Plugging a single vocal mic into any channel but channel 1 would be enough to shut down the owner and a couple other people in this place. I'm not exaggerating unfortunately. (Seriously I'm not kidding!) Fully un-trainable.
So I got the 22MTK and picked up a couple stereo DOD 32 band eq's used for $40 a pop on Ebay. Old school.

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