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[QUOTE=danerius;2117708]Yep. And I am not there yet [quote]
Of course not, that’s why we are here! )

I thought DAWs had the ability to look ahead in time. Makes sense to delay everything else. So I guess youd have to set pdcdelay to the full length of the averaging. And then find a way to have everything play back in time? Wich sounds like all the other tracks needs to involved?
If you only have one track, it doesn’t matter how much the plugin delays the signal. If you have other tracks, PDC kind of is the amount that the plugin will look into the future. No other timing needs to be done. But the code must output something at every sample, this was not yet present in your example.

Usually the process goes like this:
1) ”buffer” is zero. ”Size” is for example 10.
2) Write to mem slot ”buffer”.
3) Increase ”buffer” by one.
4) If ”buffer” is bigger than ”size”, ”buffer” = 0.
5) Output from slot ”buffer”.
Repeat lines 2-5 for every sample.

So the sample we wrote to mem slot ”0” will only be played back after ”buffer” goes back to zero, which takes 10 samples in the above example. Meanwhile we can process the samples stored in any or all of the mem slots. Set PDC to 10 as well, and other tracks will also hold the samples for 10 samples before output, so the tracks are still in perfect sync. Just 10 samples late.
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