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Default STRING: Dev and Pre versions

Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
Hi Edison,

I'd like to help you, but I can't, I'm afraid, since I didn't manage to translate this myself.

Seems as if this is part of the reaper_video.dll

There are three strings that seem to make the complete string, not one that can be read in this form on the screen.

145231CC2AF74AD2=Render timings: 
9548377189586779= (avg %.02f%%)
But I doubt they will work.
There is no string '%.02f%%, %.02f%%, %.02f%%, %.02f%%' whatsoever. This might be generated by the third entry, preceded by the first one.

I can't recall right now in which dialog these are shown.
Maybe with the above hashcodes you get them to work.

If so, please let me know.

I'll have a look at this once again as well.

Hi Mr.Data
Many thanks
Not yet worked...but, please, see this link below. There are photos.

In three separate string I don't think so. Because the phrase 'Render timings' gives the possibility of only 2 combinations:
145231CC2AF74AD2=Render timings:
BA82254007292CC6=Render timings:

And neither one of them works. So I think the sentence should be in one or two strings

I take this moment to ask a question:

1) Exists in "[DLG_512] IDD_PROJECTSETTINGS_ADV" this String below:
And your path is: menu File => Project Settings ... => Advanced Tab (But this text does not exist in the Advanced tab)
Is this correct?

Note: This string is present in the file template_reaper5965.ReaperLangPack

2) If you can, see this link below as well

Best regards,

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