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Default String

Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
Hi Edison,

Can't tell you for what reason this entry is in the template.
As you wrote: it doesn't show up in the dialog.

But back to your previous question:

Couldn't find that string in in the advanced tab of the Projectsettings dialog. Your screenshots look different. The string appears in the context menu of the video window (at least in REAPER v5.974) and is grayed out (not selectable) since it only shows values.
Have a look:

(As a side note: in my settings selectable menu items show white strings on green background, non-selectable black strings when the mouse hovers over them.)

However - menu or dialog. Alas I haven't found a way to translate it yet.
Even moving the entries mentioned in my previous post into the [common] section doesn't help.

Hi Mr. Data

I think I'll wait for news versions of 'template.ReaperLangPack'. Because it is possible for this string to appear not only in one place, but in two! see below.

1) [video2_MENU_103] IDR_MENU1
2) [video]
SINCE VERSION Versão 5.975+dev0501

Mr. Data
I need your help with these two strings marked in red on the photo. I tried, tried, tried...but I could not activate them!
See images below. Did you succeed in the German language? See images below.


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