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Originally Posted by aledosim View Post
Hello all,
I'm wondering about Reaper and tile window manager. Is it behave well? Anyone have tried? I'm looking for less system resources as possible, good layout and some learning.

I'm using i3-gaps right now & love it. I find it so much faster to use & no messing about with multiple windows stacking on top of each other. It can take a while to get it set up because it's totally key commands driven but once you do it's lightening fast. I have all my most used apps mapped to commands & specific workspaces & mostly use ranger (a terminal based file browser) & terminals for updates & other system management.

It can take a bit of tweaking to get Reaper working well 100% OOTB. For instance while using Uh-e Ace the patch saving window came up as a tiled window rather than floating but getting the window name with the xprop command & setting that to always floating in the i3 config file sorted it. Also get used to moving plugin windows with mod key & drag (clicking anywhere on the plugin gui while holding the mod key) & closing them with a command (no title bars for closing).

If your using screensets with multiple monitors you have to make sure Reaper is in floating mode first (there's a command for that), although I suppose you could set something up in the config file to fix that. This may all be a bit of a pain to some but I love using i3 so much I'm willing to put up with it.

I tried qtile & thought it was great too but Reaper didn't work well at all with it.
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