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Originally Posted by ferropop View Post
Is it just not saving state, or is it throwing up the error about the structure of the document?
So I tried a bit of "house cleaning". I went through all of my project's bays and cleared anything and everything that didn't have to do with that exact project. When I reopened the songs, not only was the load waaaaaay faster and without the need of pressing the "ok" button ( DUH I know ) BUT melodynes edits were in tact. I will say that the first time around i was getting the "document error" but things were still in place. When I then resaved and reopened the "document error" message is gone and things are where they are supposed to be.

NOW, seeing as how i don't know a damn thing about any of the behind the scenes stuff - COULD ARA have issues with a messy project bay or does that even make ANY sense?
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