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I agree that SWS and ReaPack are welcome, at least on my system, in Linux. They're some of the things that helped my decision to migrate from Windows to Linux. I could do without ReaPack but it's so much more convenient to use it for maintaining the scripts/plugins whenever possible.

I also don't use guitar amp sims, other than to try them out of curiosity. I like keeping up-to-date with my point of view on these things. After trying ToneLib-GFX, I can recommend Linux to even more Windows users.

Hopefully LV2 ends up supported in Reaper eventually. I notice there are new LV2 plugins continually being made, but much fewer Linux VST plugins.

Oh I forgot to mention: the previous version of ToneLib-GFX would make Reaper "hang"/"freeze" for a few seconds shortly after loading the plugin. The current version doesn't do that anymore. So if someone is using the previous version and notices this behavior, you might want to download the updated version.
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