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Default v5.984rc1 - October 8 2019

v5.984rc1 - October 8 2019
  • + API: Windows WM_COPYDATA supports filenames with # character and prefix [t=225196]
  • + ARA: do not inform plug-ins that samples are available if the source audio has been deleted or moved
  • + ARA: improve loading projects with missing media
  • + ARA: preserve edits when copying media items within time selection via action [p=2181690]
  • + ARA: support plugins that read audio from multiple threads
  • + Actions: add action to set media item play rate from user-supplied source media tempo
  • + Actions: add meta-actions to set relative CC value based on next action toggle state/armed state
  • + Auto-crossfades: fix behavior when duplicating items [t=216416]
  • + Automation items: fix volume envelope display preference affecting automation item playback [t=225354]
  • + Batch converter: log files will warn if FX were not loaded
  • + Crossfades: fix fades changing when moving other auto-crossfaded items across them [t=225213]
  • + Fades: prevent race condition from causing playback glitches during rapid item movement/size/split [t=224925]
  • + Freeze: fix unfreeze of duplicated folder tracks [t=225458]
  • + Freeze: improve behavior when unfreezing duplicated tracks that had frozen receives
  • + Freeze: update routing buttons for all tracks on freeze/unfreeze
  • + Linux: fix VST 8-pixel sizing issue [t=224969]
  • + MIDI editor: fix incorrect CC marquee selection corner case [t=225839]
  • + MIDI: fix marker text events displayed as cues with non-1.0 playrate [t=202705]
  • + Media item properties: do not modify phase when adjusting item volumes and some items have phase invert set [t=224996]
  • + NINJAM log reading: avoid crash with zero-length OGG files [t=225085]
  • + Peaks: fix spectral peaks on items whose folder parents prohibit spectral peaks [t=225766]
  • + Undo history: gray context menu items that are not available
  • + VLC: fix crash with certain colorspace sources and VLC 3.x [t=225379]
  • + Video: fix render configuration from API [t=224539]
  • + Wet/dry knobs: improve mouse-up and doubleclick behavior
  • + macOS: re-enable rex2 support on Mojave [t=225141]
  • + macOS: remove builtin Mojave tab actions from view menu
  • + macOS: workaround Mojave bug that causes crashes with certain menu customizations [p=2188125]
  • # Crossfades: make mouse hit testing behavior match display when fade-in and fade-out overlap
  • # Ruler: fix time signature marker flickering on mouse hover on macOS
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