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Art Evans
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Here's an interesting sidelight on the whole business, including some of Justin's Thoughts in the link above:-

If you look on the Softpedia site, the most popular download is Cool Edit Pro 2.1 - 1,379,000 downloads. Reaper isn't ranked in the popularity list - it has 10,214 downloads.

Now given that CEP2.1 has been around for some years, of course it's cranked up more downloads than Reaper, but it's worth mentioning that it's been unlicensable for at least two years, so anyone downloading it now will need a cracked serial number or whatever after the demo trial expires.

Hopefully people will start to find that CEP2.1 (which, as memory serves me, doesn't support VST effects let alone VSTi instruments), is starting to look rather dated compared to Reaper, which is licencable and doesn't require you to step on the wrong side of the law (in many territories) to make it work for more than a month if you really, really can't pay for it.
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