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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Thanks for the animated gif how to's! I finally have it working on an orchestral project I'm working on with 16 tracks of orchestral instruments.

Part of my issue was trying to have Kontakt on a folder track, and the midi/audio tracks as child tracks.

I like this way of doing it a lot better than having 33 tracks for 16 instruments. Much cleaner and functions like having individual VSTi's.

Thanks again!
No problem.

It is possible also to using folder but you must leave channels 1-2 always free and start routing from channels 3-4.

@edit Sorry, to use folders you must do some complicated routing because it seems all tracks in folder sends 1st midi channel by default.

Avoiding complex routing there is a easier way... to use midi channels so instrument1 use first midi channel, instrument 2 use second midi channel.

Looks like everything is possible, just must leave 1-2 chan. to hear stereo mix.

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