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Originally Posted by Jason Lyon View Post
First off, to anyone who says "make it look/behave more like X, Y or Z" - no. REAPER is a sense the Linux of DAWs. If you want to make it like something else, you already can, pretty much. In fact, you can already make it pretty much anything you want - MyTools or Mybase, or just MyDaw...
To anyone who wants stuff bundled with it - also no. The supplied plugs are perfectly usable. Add what you want to it, and only what you want. To my mind, this is the great USP of REAPER (plus the supportive forum community of course).
I have friends who have storage drives groaning with massive packages of stuff that "came with things" and they only ever use about 10% of it. Incidentally, these are often the kind of people who are constantly complaining about running out of space...
If you suddenly find yourself minded to, or required to investigate the possibilities of traditional Korean instruments or whatever, go get em and learn on the job.

The one thing I would like is more detailed control over the tempo envelope in the master. It seems at the moment that you can only change abruptly between measures. If it can already do this, my apologies and I'd love someone to tell me how. It would brighten my day.
But if you are planning on buying a guitar, don't even consider one if it doesn't come with 10 FX pedals, a guitar stand, gig bag, all necessary cabling, and an amp! Why would anybody want to have to go through the daunting task of choosing FX or the amp they will use with a new guitar?
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