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Originally Posted by Xenakios View Post
Sorry, I don't really understand what you are asking. It's obviously up to you to know how the algorithms you are using work, so there's no generic answer for "what should the initial values be". (Which you would set up in the IPlugBase's Reset method.)
Right, yes, I did not expect a generic answer - it's the approach I'm asking about.

When you turn on real electronic equipment - especially tube gear - it takes time for it to warm up/settle down before it can process audio.

Same thing can happen in plugins. Filters, envelope followers, etc., that have to "settle" before they can start processing audio.

For example, something like a noise gate or compressor - do you initialize to full attenuation - or zero attenuation? Without any signal history it has no idea where to start on that first sample. Same situation with FIR filters, delay lines, etc.

So, what is the approach to initializing plugins like this so they start INSTANTLY and don't produce garbage when processing the first few samples?
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