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Originally Posted by Xenakios View Post
Anyway, it seems to me you are massively over-complicating all this in your mind.
It's not in my mind - it's in my plugin!

I am using a FIR filter in a dynamics processor. The filter has significant amounts of Past and Future values stored in its array and it is having issues when "seeking" (jumping around in the DAW) and when processing "off line".

I am testing in Wavelab Pro 9 and it does not appear to call Reset() on stop/start only when the audio file is first loaded. I clear the buffer in Reset() but it doesn't have any affect when playback is stopped and resumed. If I play the track from the beginning the plugin works as intended. But if I stop playback mid-track and then play from the beginning I get a different result. That tells me the buffer is not clearing.

My thought on how to fix this was to load the ENTIRE array using "lookahead" and then delaying the audio as required to match. That fixes the "seeking" problem and the "there is no history yet" problem of offline processing - but causes a new problem of more latency in live playback and an "end of file" problem in rendering.

If I'm thinking about this too much where should I stop? Design for "live" use or design for "rendering" use and let the rest fall where it may? Seems kinda incomplete!
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