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Originally Posted by lamacchiacosta View Post
Hi guys,
has anyone tried to replace those plugins with something else?
I am trying to replace it with ReaVerb (the plugin I would like to use) and AUReverb2 (to test). On both tracks I don't have any reverb signal going out, this means I am doing the same mistake twice, but I cannot find what is it.
I've attached the session to see if anyone is willing to help.
For the sake of file weight, I removed the audio file on the audio track and the IR in the ReaVerb.
Many thanks.
As mentioned in private message, I don't have access right now to my PC because I'm rennovating my studio. However, I'd almost put money on the problem being the plugin i/o pin settings. They've probably reset to 1&2 for in and out on all replaced plugins.

What I would suggest is to download the VoS NastyDLA MKII plugin and load up the track template with that in it from my first post. Then, add your ReaVerb template next to the delay one and compare the i/o pin settings and adjust to match. They are the same for all track templates I've uploaded.

The NastyDLA MKII is actually one of my favourite delay plugins and it is free. Grab it here....

Hopefully this will get you going.
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