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Originally Posted by lamacchiacosta View Post
Hi ReaDave,
thanks for your help. I got your answer, hence my public request, in the hope to find someone else to help me reassign the Ins and the Outs.
They are indeed reset to 1&2 and I was hoping for someone to get my session and reassign or suggesting the I/O settings.
I don't own a Windows machine and cannot load them on my Mac, nor I am willing to invest on a Waves plug-in I won't ever use.
Ah. Didn't know about you being on Mac. What you could do then is to download the demo version of one of the Valhalla reverbs I've used and have a look at that pin configuration. There's nothing to install with those so no system setting changes and you can just delete the plugin from your computer if you don't want it later on.
Alternatively, I'll have my studio back up and operational next week if you want to wait for me to check the plugin pin configurations for you.
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