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lb0, thanks for this great script. I'm using it in conjunction with goldenarpharazon's controller script for the Akai MIDIMix. Previously, I never used the Akai for anything other than riding track faders in real time for volume automation, due to the time it takes to map controls to fx. With your script, I'm starting to use those 24 upper knobs.

I'm new to lua, but I'm wondering how hard it would be to modify the script to include variables for "columns" and "rows" that could be user-edited in the script and change how it draws the GUI. This would provide a way for us to make the strip match the general layout of our controllers, making it easier to reference slot X on the GUI to knob X on a device. For example, a user with the common keyboard control layout of 8 knobs over 8 faders would use rows=2, columns=8, or a Midi Fighter Twister would be rows=4, columns=4. Then, instead of drawing a vertical strip, the GUI would lay out the slots in that configuration.

That visual correlation between the GUI and controller would really take things up a notch because currently if I just see, say, ReaEQ gain for upper mids is in slot 17, I have to do some quick math and think "row 3, knob 1" (the Akai has 3 rows of 8 knobs).

These 2 variables would also satisfy the inevitable user requests for custom templates for this or that device.
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