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Originally Posted by mirceablue View Post
I found the problem, it was the buffer setting from my Rme soundcard, it was on maximum because I've worked on a very demanding project before exporting the videos. Anyway I think it's a strange behavior, it's not normal to get out of sync and have a scrambled video just because the buffer was set at 4048.Not sure is related with the soundcard drivers, I don't see any relation between the buffer and the video output.
Maybe you should check it with other soundcards .

Tnx for your support .
Large buffers like that are generally a rather bad idea for performance. You're better off increasing things like the render-ahead buffers, or disk read-ahead. With buffers that large the CPU caches are flushed on a regular basis. That's the local theory anyway.

But do report this in the bug issue tracker. Be sure to include as much detail about the video, your card, your driver version as possible.
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