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Thanks earlevel!

Originally Posted by random_id View Post
I have a pull request for WDL-OL for a rough example of a spectrum display. You can find it at In the examples folder, there is an IPlugSpectFFT project.

I am sure there is more work to be done with it, but it does include windowing, log scaling, as well as octave gain scaling. Typically, displays are scaled with a +3dB per octave scale to make the higher frequencies more discernible.

If you look at the example, just scrap the rest of the repo. I don't update it, and I am sure it is behind WDL-OL. I just created it so I could share the example.

I hope it helps, and please let me know if you find ways to improve it. I have a good working example in my current plugins, but I know that there has to be some optimizations that I am not using.
Awesome, I'll try and implement this and give you any feedback I have!
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