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The simplest way to do a 1:1, or any aspect ratio centre extraction, is to use EpicSounds (a.k.a. Jon Tidey of Reaper Blog fame) Video Plugin Presets that comes with a bunch of other JSFX, Scripts, MIDINoteNames and Track Template when you sign up to his mailing list at his website - I don't know if he still offers this. The Video Plugin Preset in question is his JT: Essential Video Controls.

Once you have Epic Sounds' Video Plugin Presets installed do the following.

In the Project Settings window set the Preferred Video Size to a square (1:1) or any other aspect ratio based on the height of the source video e.g. 1080 x 1080 for 1:1 or 864 x 1080 for 4:5
Enable Always resize output to preferred video size.
Add a Video Processor effect to your video track and select Jon's JT: Essential Video Controls preset.
Make sure that the Vertical Position and Size/Zoom controls are at 0.5 and 1 respectively (double click on the controls to reset to these values).
Adjusting the Horizontal Position control will allow you to do a pan and scan across the video - 0.5 is full left of the video viewport and any value less than that will shift the viewport to the right.

If you require the centre extraction to be centre of image the formula is :-
Horizontal Position = 0.5 - (((INPUT WIDTH - (OUTPUT ASPECT RATIO * SOURCE HEIGHT)) / 2) / WIDTH)
Not very eloquent and I'm sure there's an easier way of calculating it! If you're looking for the centre value of a 16:9 source video for a 1:1 output, the Horizontal Position should be set to 0.2812. Use the Ctrl key for fine control adjustments.

I hope this helps in some way.
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