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Okay, so I really want to troubleshoot this because it's making midi really hard. Please ask if there's anything specific I can upload. Things I tried:

I downloaded version 5.99 and installed it as portable. Midi grid lines are normal...

I copied the entire AppData\Roaming\REAPER to that new portable install. Grid lines are now gone.

So it's not an issue specific to a new version of Reaper... great news, right?

But just like before, midi editor grid lines are gone for every single theme, custom (Rado) and default.

So what can I have done to disrupt midi grid subdivison visibility in every single theme?

I'm only a medium-level tinkerer. I rarely go further than the settings window. I could just give up and begin again from the factory default but that will take a while and so I'm filing that under last resort.
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