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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
Trond, I'm not sure why but since installing b9, I'm noticing considerable lag when opening previous projects which I created with the b7 versions of the ATK.

I'm going to try creating a new project with the b9 plugins and see if that lags upon loading too.

This is with REAPER 5.23 pre4 64 bit on Windows 10 64 bit.
Thanks for reporting. Can you please give me very specific details on what you do, so that I can try to reproduce? Something along the line of this:

<start of example>

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install v. 1.0.0.b9
2. Start Reaper (32-bit version)
3. Make a new project
4. Create a new track in project and make it 4 channels
5. Add a 4-channel B-format sound file to the track
6. Add <name of plugin>

Result: Takes ages for the plugin to load

</end of example>

Also it will be useful to know:

- What Windows version do you use?
- What version of Reaper (32-bit or 64-bit)?
- Does behaviour change if you do this in the other version of Reaper?
- Do you boot of an SSD disk or a regular disk?
- Do this happen the first time around only, or will it happen again if you then quit Reaper and repeat all of the steps except for the re-installing of ATK?

(I see that you've provided some of this info already)

The only thing that I can imagine that cause plugins to take longer to load is the introduction of dependency on CookDSP. This of course means that there are more header files, and if Reaper/system takes longer to locate, load and interpret those files, it might lead to lags.

I won't have the time to test out on Windows myself until sometime tomorrow. On OSX I have not noticed any particular lag myself, and certainly not in the many-seconds range. I have a 4-year old laptop with an SSD so if disk read is the issue here, I might have gotten away with it...

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