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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
I just reverted back to the b7 ATK and everything loads instantly again.

One thing I forgot to mention too is that there seems to be something odd going on with the pin connections in some of the plugins too. For instance, when I click the pin configuration tab on the 5 channel encoder, the plugin stops passing audio and I have to delete it and reinsert it to get it working again. This also happens with the Binaural decoder and some others too.
If I take it offline and back online it doesn't fix things. I have to remove and reinsert it.

This happens with all versions so far on my PC.
Would you be able to make a screencast illustrating this problem, or eventually a step-by-step procedure, with screenshots along the way and red circles or similar highlighting the problems? I have received similar reports from another user with a bunch of screenshots, but I'm not fully able to understand what the problem is or reproduce it so that i can investigate.

I'm gonna make tickects in the issue tracker for both of these.
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