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Originally Posted by lossius View Post
Would you be able to make a screencast illustrating this problem, or eventually a step-by-step procedure, with screenshots along the way and red circles or similar highlighting the problems? I have received similar reports from another user with a bunch of screenshots, but I'm not fully able to understand what the problem is or reproduce it so that i can investigate.

I'm gonna make tickects in the issue tracker for both of these.
I've just been doing some more experimentation with this and have found it only seems to occur when some Waves and some ATK plugins are inserted on the same track. The Waves plugins behave perfectly with any other combination and the same seems to be true with the ATK plugins.

I've noticed it when inserting a Waves UM226 (stereo to 5.1 upmixer) and an ATK 5 channel encoder on the same track. If I click on the ATK encoder pin button, the audio stops. If I then go back in the undo history and then forwards again, I can usually get it the audio to start again.

If I insert the UM226 on one track and the ATK 5 channel encoder on another track and buss the first track to the second one, it works fine.

I can post an example project with this all configured how I have it if you want. You'd need to have the Waves UM226 installed though.
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